About VETO Road Contracting

VETO Road Contracting has flourished to become one of the primary specialists in Road contracting and civil Works in UAE. We are well qualified, certified, and specialized. We bring to the table our technical, physical, and experiential capabilities.

Behind our commitment to quality is a dedicated team that provides superior technical backup and highly trained manpower. Our top priority is safety at the worksite. All our supervisors, operators, and workers are well trained and aware of local safety requirements. Our top management team and senior site organization have more than 25 years of experience in U.A.E VETO's sizable fleet of road construction equipment includes Cranes, Dozers, excavators, Shovels, backhoe loaders, dump trucks, graders, steel and pneumatic-tired rollers and other machinery.

We value training and sharing of information at all levels within the organization. Time schedule, we believe that time means money so our special talent is to beat the time schedule without exceeding the budget.

Our Clients

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Veto Road Contracting has served the infrastructure needs in UAE as one of top contractors for Road Contracting and infrastructural development projects.

We established throughout our operation and through process, being the dedicated and highly skilled teams and the basic values that mark its success in our industry.


Through visionary leadership and highly skilled Contracting Management, Veto Road Contracting is striving to bring growth to the community, using high quality engineering, advanced construction practices and fully dedicated force to deliver on our projects.


We strive to live our vision to be the leader in safety, quality, innovation, and efficiency in the united arab emirates. To become one of the most esteemed road contractor that drives excellence through its quality portfolio.

Valued by our Clients

Our Clients take pride in working with Veto Road Contracting as we deliver our projects on committed timelines as well as keeping as high level standards of quality.